Insightsoftware Benefits Its Employees

Insightsoftware offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, including flexible work hours, paid time off, and retirement plans. The company also hires qualified professionals who exhibit a winning attitude, teamwork, and a results-oriented work ethic.

Insightsoftware develops financial reporting and enterprise performance management software designed to leverage enterprise data to drive greater financial intelligence. Its product portfolio includes financial reporting, budgeting and planning, business dashboards, tax provisioning, and consolidation and close applications.

Streamlined Financial Reporting Processes

Streamline your financial reporting processes with insightsoftware solutions that integrate and automate your year-end reporting cycle. Eliminate countless hours of manual entry and repetitive copy-and-paste work to create and submit your reports.

Insightsoftware helps global organizations solve key challenges with operational reporting by putting business data and insights into the hands of decision-makers. Download our report, Operational Reporting: An Emerging Global Trends Report, for more information on this critical process.

The typical financial reporting workflow is time-consuming, error-prone, and prone to inaccuracies. It can take months to complete a simple monthly reporting cycle, and even more time to produce a year-end report, making it a daunting task for your finance team.

Regulatory reporting requires accurate, repeatable data analysis to meet deadlines. It also needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changes in state, federal, and global regulations as they emerge. Insightsoftware helps financial teams perform this analysis in an efficient and consistent way, allowing them to focus on other more strategic tasks.

Increased Transparency

insightsoftware’s software solutions use data to drive intelligence. This helps companies turn financial and operational data into business outcomes. It also automates reporting and analytics to free up time for business analysis.

Insightsoftware’s products provide a variety of solutions for financial reporting, business dashboards, budgeting and planning, close and consolidation, tax provisioning and transfer pricing. They also help enterprises eliminate costly integration projects.

Its most recent acquisition of Calumo, a provider of interactive reports for the Office of the CFO, further strengthens its position in this area. Management and leadership now have the ability to dive deeper into their reports at the click of a button, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Increased Efficiency

Across its portfolio of reporting, business dashboards, budgeting and planning, consolidation and close, tax provisioning and transfer pricing applications, insightsoftware helps finance teams increase productivity, visibility, accuracy and compliance. These applications connect directly to and make sense of enterprise data in real time, so that the Office of the CFO can reach a higher level of financial intelligence and drive a more proactive approach to financial management.

Insightsoftware offers connectors to a wide range of ERP and EPM systems, so that analysts can quickly connect to, wrangle, prep, and analyze large amounts of data. By leveraging this automation, analyst workloads are substantially reduced, and they can more quickly deliver actionable insights to the business.

Magnitude’s SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication application replicates non-SAP transactions into the SAP Central Finance repository, connects and normalizes transaction details in real time, and loads financial data and documents, including opening balances for customers, vendors, general ledger accounts, and historical transaction details. This enables SAP and non-SAP ERP systems to communicate quickly and effectively to lower costs, improve efficiencies and rapidly achieve smarter finance operations.

Better Decision-Making

In a fast-paced world, it is crucial to make business decisions based on data. This allows organizations to adapt to an ever-changing commercial landscape and thrive.

Whether it’s planning, budgeting or forecasting, insightsoftware solutions offer a robust set of capabilities to help organizations turn financial and operational data into business outcomes. This includes integrating financial reporting and operational planning processes, as well as delivering real-time, refreshable data.

For example, insightsoftware’s xP&A solution Tidemark is designed to increase organizational agility and deliver rapid benefits to the bottom line. It’s built on a secure and scalable cloud architecture.

Insightsoftware has also recently acquired several companies to further expand its embedded analytics suite. These acquisitions have added to Logi’s capabilities and helped the company position itself as a leader in integrating financial and operational reporting.