Klaviyo Benefits For Small and Large Businesses

Klaviyo is a top-tier eCommerce CRM that offers a plethora of benefits for small and large businesses alike. These include advanced data science, automation tools and email templates, as well as integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

The software is renowned for its robust segmentation capabilities, which are proven to boost campaign performance. It also has a vast array of automation features that help brands grow their email list and improve customer relationships.


Klaviyo is an intelligent marketing automation platform that can help you drive email, SMS and social media campaigns. It offers simple integrations, a multitude of multi-channel automations, predictive analytics and other in-depth reporting, and fair pricing.

The platform is specifically designed to help ecommerce businesses manage and automate their communication strategies. Its robust automation capabilities and industry-leading data analysis make it an excellent choice for small businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Unlike HubSpot, which is primarily focused on lead generation, Klaviyo has a strong focus on delivering targeted and personalized emails to subscribers. Its segmentation features allow you to target your audience according to their browsing behavior, purchase history and other factors like frequency of adding products to the shopping cart.

It also integrates with many essential ecommerce platforms, payment and rewards programs, CRM systems, help desk software, and more. These integrations effortlessly pull in data around browsing activity, shopping patterns and overall engagement for a more efficient and targeted approach to your email marketing.


The ability to personalize experiences and communications with customers is an essential part of any modern customer experience. This can be done through email marketing or SMS messaging, and it’s an important aspect of a successful omnichannel strategy.

Whether it’s a financial services site that displays content recommendations based on an individual’s interests or a retailer that sends reminders of products left in a shopping cart, personalized experiences have the power to make users feel like they’re getting a special treatment from the brand.

As a result, incorporating smart personalization into your marketing campaigns will increase the effectiveness of your efforts. This is especially true if you use Inkit, which can pull data from Klaviyo to personalize every mail piece.

The Klaviyo platform provides a variety of email automation features, including welcome emails, abandoned carts, product recommendations and post-purchase engagement campaigns. It also has advanced predictive analytics, giving retailers a detailed understanding of the lifetime value of each customer.


Segmentation techniques are a major profit driver for companies because they allow you to target customers based on their needs and expectations. You can then tailor messages to suit them and improve your conversion rates.

Typically, businesses segment their markets into groups based on demographics, psychographics, and behavioral characteristics. These factors include age, income, education level, and occupation.

Marketing professionals also use segmentation to target specific groups of people based on their values, attitudes, and lifestyles. For example, a clothing company may choose to segment its market based on seasonality.

Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation features empower you to build custom lists of contacts based on their purchase history and other known data. These lists can then be used in email and Facebook Custom Audiences for consistent cross-channel marketing.


Klaviyo integrates with many platforms, allowing you to pull data from these tools into your marketing automation software. It’s an easy way to get more data into your campaigns, and it gives you a better understanding of your audience.

Besides email, Klaviyo also offers SMS marketing and social advertising. With these features, you can create flows that send emails to specific segments and ad campaigns that target your subscribers on social media.

You can even create a flow that automatically adds a subscriber to a list every time they open a link in an email. This will keep your customers engaged with you and increase their loyalty.

Klevu is a leading search engine optimization (SEO) tool that can help you personalize your content for the most-likely-to-buy visitors, and then retarget them with ads. When you activate this integration, Klevu will start sending search events as metrics to your Klaviyo account. You can then use this data to power personalized email and SMS campaigns, and create hyper-targeted segments to send to advertisers.